How to Choose Bridal Hair Accessories

Found your husband, a dream location, a perfect bouquet, and a mesmerizing dress? It sounds like you’ve got every tiny little detail of your big day under control, but no bridal look is complete without the perfect bridal hair accessory that complements both your wedding hairstyle and your dress. Our ultimate list will guide you through the labyrinth of bridal hair accessories. We’ll make sure you find one to match your style – whether you plan to be a modern or an edgy fiancĂ©e.

Tips and tricks on how to choose the right bridal hair accessory

Bridal hair accessories are a must to top your bridal ensemble. However, you have to consider a few things when selecting them. The accessory has to match your wedding theme, dress, and hairstyle to complete your look without disturbing it.

Do you really need one?

This is the first question you have to ask yourself. If you usually don’t leave the house without jewelry, then a bridal hair accessory is just what you need! On the other hand, if you prefer a more minimalist approach with nothing to distract from your dress, maybe skip the bridal tiara. However, a well-chosen piece of wedding hair accessory always elevates your look, so you might want to browse the wide variety of bridal hair accessories before you entirely skip on complementing your look with it.

Consider your hairstyle

The most important thing that determines the chosen bridal hair accessory is the hairstyle you have selected to opt for on your big day. A general style tip would be to pair voluminous hairstyles and updos with bigger and heavier wedding hair accessories. In contrast, a minimalist, classic wedding hairdo goes best with a daintier, more delicate accessory.

Choose accessories that match your theme!

A perfect bridal hair accessory complements and enhances your style. Be careful with statement pieces. They might look stunning on their own, but they tend to look and feel too much paired with your dress, makeup, and hairdo. Pick pieces that echo with your chosen theme. You can choose from a wide range of bridal hair accessories, whether you opt for a boho-chic, a classic, or modern music for your wedding.

Color is a factor!

The color of the chosen hair accessory should also match your wedding dress and theme. The general rule is to choose warmer color pieces such as gold, rose gold, pearls for ivory, champagne, and off-white wedding dresses and pick cooler colored bridal hairpieces for traditional white and silver-toned gowns.

Don’t be afraid to change!

Many brides can’t settle for a single look for the big day. Why not consider changing your hairstyle together with the dress? Swap your princess-like updo with its elegant hair combs to a half updo spiced up with a floral headband!

Know Your Accessory!

So you have decided to elevate your look with a hair accessory on your wedding day, fabulous! However, to make the right choice, it is essential to know the most famous bridal hair accessories available on the market.

Bridal tiara

This classic hair accessory is one of the most versatile ones. It might feel like a natural choice if you plan to opt for a princess look, but there are many other tiara styles, such as the headband, double band, wreath, and wishbone tiaras. Depending on your theme and hairstyle, it can have a dramatic effect, similar to the regal crowns, or represent a minimalist approach.

Bridal headbands

Headbands are worn as an alternative to the tiara. Versatile in its style, it can serve as a hair accessory for hair down styles and work well with up-dos. Headbands come in various forms: they can be wrapped in a ribbon that matches the flowers in your bouquet or can be decorated with pearls, crystals, or rhinestones. The modern side-centered headband is our favorite on-style choice at the moment.

Bridal hairpins

The fragile and small bridal hair pin can make a big difference to your hairstyle! The delicate pins are usually recommended for brides who like to keep things simple or whose bridal hairstyle just needs a small detail to complete the look. Moreover, a tiny and elegant pin can feel like a more balanced option to pair your heavily embellished wedding gown with.

Bridal hair combs

Bridal hair combs work best with half up, half down hairstyles or updos since they help hold your hair in place and are generally quite secure. They are available in different styles and shapes; you can find vintage, classic, boho, and modern designs to match your chosen wedding theme. Hair combs can function as a brilliant wedding hair accessory if you wear a veil. The veil can be kept on a separate comb and easily removed after the ceremony, while the decorative comb is left in the hair.

Bridal hair vines

Bridal hair vines are practically multiple hair combs linked by a flexible wire together across your head. It can function as a mini tiara above your face and perfectly suits romantic, messy braids and updos.

Floral hair accessories

The romantic, feminine, and earthy bridal flowers are becoming more and more popular amongst brides. You can choose to wear a complete floral crown or opt for just a couple of flowers to brighten up your tousled braid or bun. You can decorate your bridal hairstyle with real flowers, or you can go with faux – if you want to make sure they don’t wither before you say I do. 

Know Your Style!

When choosing your bridal hair accessories, it is ideal to consider both your personal style and the overall theme of the wedding. For example, if you opt for a boho braid with a bucolic flower hair accessory while the rest of your attire follows a classical style, you might hit a discordant note.

Here you find a list of the top bridal styles of our days:

  • Classic

A classic bride loves elegance and always gravitates towards the traditional. She loves a simple cut dress paired with timeless jewelry and an elegant chignon or bun. When choosing her bridal hair accessory, she will probably go with a traditional tiara or vintage combs.

  • Modern

The modern bride will skip on all the obvious bridal choices. She will opt for a minimalistic but stylish aesthetic completed with an unexpected hair accessory with geometric designs or sleek metal styles.

  • Bohemian

A free-spirited bride who is not afraid to color outside the lines. She should reach for delicate, feminine accessories with natural motifs like leaves, birds, flowers. Flower crowns or tiaras can be beautifully combined into a bohemian braid. Meanwhile, floral branch pins look stunning as they peek out from an updo.

  • Beach beauty

While exchanging vows in the sand in a sunset might sound romantic, a beach wedding gown is challenging to put together. An obvious option for a beach bride is choosing flowers, pearls, and shells as an overall accessory theme. If you are ready to go bold, add an extra pop of blue or purple to emphasize your wedding attire.

  • Edgy

An edgy bride loves the spotlight and is not afraid to go off the beaten path when choosing her accessories. Add unique colors, bold designs, and different materials like metal, leather, or feather.

To sum up, we can all agree that a well-chosen bridal hair accessory will only elevate your look on your wedding day. No matter what style you opt for, you have the opportunity to select from a wide range of accessories.

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