Editable Forms

It is known that for certain beauty procedures, the patient must express their consent. Usually this has to be in writing. Putting together a form isn’t easy, especially because you really need to think things through and make sure you don’t forget anything. To make things easier, you can choose from our form templates that you can freely adjust according to your services.

  • Contract Form
  • Consent Form
  • Medical Consultation Form


Social Media Templates

A clean and organised Instagram/Facebook feed tells a lot about you, your services, and the way you interact with your customers. In order to have a neat and tidy profile as a beauty salon, you need to focus on sharing relevant content in a .. way. To help you through this journey, you can choose from our big variety of social media templates. The best thing? You can personalize the posts according to your needs.


Highlight Covers and Reels

To continue with the idea of an organised Instagram feed, we can’t forget about highlight covers, which will help keep your Instagram business profile consistent with your overall Instagram aesthetic.. Instagram Reels are fairly new, but very popular and important in order to create brand awareness. With Reels, potential clients will find your content through their Explore page. However, there are a few factors that influence how many people your reel reaches, like using trending audio or using relevant hashtags.


Aftercare Card Templates

Giving your customer a goodbye gift might be exactly what they need to remember you and the services you offer. And what better gift than an aftercare card that they can really use? Not everyone knows how to make the services you offered last longer, or maybe they forget it. With the aftercare card, your customers will know exactly how to properly take care of their lashes, lips and so on.